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Otomotif News, Honda Civic Type R 2017 Spesification details


Here's The Original Honda Civic Type R 2017

Honda will show off one of its iconic car that is Honda Civic Type R latest generation. This car will be exhibited at the Paris Motor Show 2016 held on 1 October, but on 29 September yesterday this exhibition has been opened for the media crew.
Although Honda Civic regular version does look aggressive, but Honda Civic Type R has a more sporty appearance again. It has a larger splitter or wind breaker, additional ventilation at the rear bumper angle and front and rear of the front tire. In addition there is a bonnet scoop or ventilation on the hood, large sepatbor for tires complete with Brembo brakes.
Even so can be spelled out that he will have a look very similar to the Civic Turbo Hatchback. Differentiation is only a number of accessories. There is not much difference in the curve of the original body, except in that bulging sepatbor.

Honda Civic Type R Equipped Brembo Breakes

In the car there is also a protector of the door of the car is leaning in, aero strakes on the roof and a large diffuser on the front. Not only that, he also has three exhaust pipe in the middle as contained on the Ferrari 458. There has been no announcement about the technical details of this car. But to quote Paultan , this car will use a 2.000cc VTEC turbo engine with a power of at least 306 hp and 400 Nm of torque. 

Honda Civic Type R come with three Exhaust

This car has a 6- speed manual transmission and will be a competitor for Ford Focus RS. Looking at the shape, we think Civic Type R is more sporty look with a dashing shape. But when viewed from the engine capacity, it is 300cc lower than the Ford Focus RS, Ford Focus RS has. Civic Type R appeal is also lower, Ford Focus RS can produce 350 hp power with 475 Nm of torque.
In Indonesia, widely heard the news that Honda Prospect Motor will try to enter the Civic Type R is to Indonesia. Price is estimated expensive but not touch Rp 1 billion. Compare with the general importer who currently sells Civic Type R at a price of Rp 1.5 billion. Though soon miss a generation.
Let's wait in 2017, whether Honda will enter this Type R to Indonesia coincided Civic Turbo Hatchback.

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